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Fremont foundry wedding

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Fremont foundry wedding

Welcome to another iteration of Chelsea’s favorite wedding venues that every couple needs to know about! This time, I’m introducing you to one of the Seattle wedding venues that I’ve photographed most. The Foundry by Herban Feast (not to be confused with another closely-named venue that I love, The Fremont Foundry). If you’re looking for a venue that simply screams industrial-chic and serves up some stunning looks at every single turn, then The Foundry may be the one you finally swipe right on! 😉

Fremont foundry wedding

About The Foundry by Herban Feast

Get to know the venue

As I mentioned above, The Foundry is actually just one venue that’s part of a multi-venue Seattle event company called Herban Feast. It’s an incredible company that offers delicious cuisine, customized styling, and the most gorgeous event spaces called Sodo Park & Froggsong Gardens, in addition to The Foundry. 

Quick fun fact: the venue was actually named to honor its origin as a copper & steel manufacturing and fabrication plant. Can you believe that’s what this stunning event space used to be, before Herban Feast absolutely turned it upside down?! The layout of the venue is extremely customizable & spacious, able to fit up to 230 people seated or up to 550 people standing. 

Any couples who are looking for a top-notch dining experience for themselves & their wedding guests will absolutely want to consider one of the Herban Feast venues. Their seasonal menus, flavorful dishes, and high-quality bar service are just *chef’s kiss* (literally). 

Not only do they have a talented catering services coordinator that works hard to deliver on the food side of things. They also have a venue coordinator that works alongside the rest of their team of professionals to help craft a wedding day that will fulfill your deepest desires.

Fremont foundry wedding

And as if all that wasn’t enough, they also offer floral design & decor services through Herban Design Studio. A team who creates stunning floral pieces to level up your event. For the 2022-2023 wedding season, they’re even partnering with a couple of local floral & decor experts to deliver incredible services to their clients! Any vendors you choose from Herban Feast’s preferred vendor list will have access to the studio’s large inventory of items such as arches, candles, and more. We love a collaborative team helping bring your dream day to life!

Fremont foundry wedding

Where it is

The Foundry is located in the Sodo neighborhood of Seattle, at 4130 1st Ave S. For those of you who are ready to plug it into Google Maps ASAP. This means it’s right in the industrial district, but don’t be fooled. There are still multiple delish breweries, cider companies, and other small eateries nearby for when your stomach starts growling the night before the big day!

Fremont foundry wedding

How to get there

To get to The Foundry from downtown Seattle (let’s say the Pike Place area). You’ll just head south down 1st Ave for about 3 miles, and bam! – you’re there. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Fremont foundry wedding

Why Get Married at The Foundry?

Let’s be real – I can’t imagine you’re not loving this venue already. But in case you need a little more convincing, let’s talk a walk down the lane of reasons why you should get married at The Foundry. Plus why it might be the right match for your Seattle wedding!

Fremont foundry wedding

🥂 Endless industrial-chic magic

Remember how The Foundry used to be a copper & steel manufacturing plant? The thing I love about this venue is that you can tell what it used to be, but it’s been completely turned around and made into such a fantastically beautiful space. The history of the building hasn’t been wiped away with the renovation, so you can still really see the older parts of the space and the architecture that used to be there. However, there’s nothing manufacturing-plant-y about it anymore besides that. The chic decor and design creates a stunning space perfect for any size of wedding celebration. I guarantee you & your guests will fall in love immediately with both the vintage & modern vibes, the wood chandeliers, the floating fountain, the rain waterfall (absolutely magical) and the warm & inviting decor!

Fremont foundry wedding

🥂 Custom floorplans

That’s right. Because of how spacious the venue is, you’re able to customize the floor plan to fit your wedding needs based on the number of guests you have, how many tables you want to set up, how you want to decorate your reception, etc. This allows for 230 guests seated, and 550 guests if you keep everyone standing for more of a cocktail-party-atmosphere. No matter how you craft this space to fit your day, everyone will enjoy the wine barrel rack, the concrete floors, the stone fireplace, and the rustic barn doors!

Fremont foundry wedding

🥂 Multiple room options

I always always love when venues have multiple room & space options for couples to completely customize their day. Having options gives you the ability to fully make sure the space feels like you, and allows you to move through different locations throughout the day + not have everything in one place (it’s such a pain having to move your ceremony setup to make room for your reception chairs & tables!). Celebrate in the elegant Press Room, the Bar, the Brake Room, the Forging Room, and/or the Casting, Barrel, and Finishing Rooms. Truly, there are options for every couple imaginable. 

Fremont foundry wedding

🥂 Exclusive(ly delicious) catering & complete bar service

I’ve already talked about this, but I’ll reiterate because food is truly one of the most important aspects of wedding days! The Foundry offers high-quality catering with customizable menus, delicious a-la-carte options, and even complete bar service with the ability to personalize your drink offerings. Hand all of your food worries off to Herban Feast’s catering staff – you will not be disappointed!

Fremont foundry wedding

🥂 Full-service event coordination

Mhmmm, full-service coordination. A few of my favorite words to hear 😉 Having an on-site wedding coordinator is an absolute game-changer, in my opinion, when it comes to executing a seamless wedding day. Herban Feast will provide you with a coordinator to help make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible. Whether that’s ensuring your vendors arrive on time or gathering up all your loved ones in one area for family photos (and catching Aunt Kathy before she runs off to start another conversation)!

🥂 Free parking on nights & weekends

F yes you heard that right. Free parking is available at The Foundry for both you and your guests on nights and weekends. So if you’re having a weekend wedding, you will be good to go without worrying about paying for parking every few hours. Which we all know is a biggg win for anywhere in/near downtown Seattle!

🥂 Close proximity to Sodo & downtown

One of my lovely couples who got married at The Foundry actually decided to have their reception at a nearby venue, Within Sodo (which is not the same as Herban Feast’s Sodo Park venue). I loved that they chose to personalize their day by booking multiple event spaces to ensure that the entire day felt like them, from start to finish!

The Foundry is so close to the heart of Sodo as well as just a few miles from downtown. You’ll be super close to plenty of options for dining, drinking, nightlife, and other fun Seattle activities to do with your loved ones.

🥂 Preferred vendors & partners

Like many other top-level wedding venues, The Foundry has a list of preferred vendors and talented event partners available for you to reach out to, from DJ’s to valets to bakers and more! You won’t have to stress about digging through Google to find the right people for you who you know will work well at your venue.

🥂 Virtual video tours

If you can’t make it to the venue to tour in person due to the omicron variant or whatever is currently going on in the world, you’re in for a treat. You can take a fully virtual video tour of The Foundry to get a feel for the space! Fall onto your couch, grab a fancy glass of your fave bubbly, and enjoy a soothing look through the venue with your boo right next to you.

The Foundry Wedding Packages

The Foundry has an incredibly thorough info packet available online. Which I love because you can see all the details you need to know, right from the get-go. Here are the most important things to know about wedding packages at The Foundry if you don’t feel like scrolling through the whole packet quite yet! 

The Foundry by Herban Feast Wedding Costs

Note that the lower end of these price ranges are typically for a single room. The costs on the higher end are for buying out the entire venue. Saturday & Sunday rentals include 10 continuous hours of venue access until midnight, in addition to 1 extra hour for vendor cleanup.

  • Monday-Thursday rentals range from $300-$3,000+
  • Friday rentals range from $3,000-$5,000+
  • Saturday rentals start at $7,500
  • Sunday rentals range from $2,000-$5,000+

Here’s an overview equipment available for you to use with your rental of the space, which slightly depends on the room(s) you’ll be using:

  • (25) 60” round tables
  • (2) 72” round tables
  • (10) 8’ rectangular tables
  • (10) 6’ rectangular tables
  • (13) cocktail tables
  • (8) specialty tables
  • (250) chiavari fruitwood chairs
  • Soft seating (sofas, chairs, end tables)
  • Votives & tealights
  • Miscellaneous furniture (including a farm table, picnic table, wine barrel rack, shelves, & more)
  • Glassware (including champagne flutes, wine glasses, & more)
  • China (including salad and dinner plate, & more)
  • (225) complete sets of cutlery
  • Unsecured wifi (secured available at an additional cost)

If you’d like to see even more of the nitty-gritty details about renting the venue & what that entails. Be sure to take a look at the full info packet here!

Where to Stay Nearby

Being that this venue is located right in the industrial district of Seattle. There are plenty of lovely places to stay nearby. Whether you’re looking for a more boujee experience filled with luxe R&R or you’d rather save some dolla dolla bills & book a small, cozy Airbnb. Below are a few of the closest accommodation options to The Foundry. But remember, there are plenty more options if you’re okay venturing a little further from the venue! You’ll find the majority of nearby Airbnb’s in the Beacon Hill area. Plus some of the best hotels just north along the Seattle waterfront.


🏡 Townhouse with Panoramic Views

🏡 Bright Hilltop Home

🏡 Newly Renovated North Beacon Hill Home

🏡 Beautiful Apartment Near Downtown

Photo by Airbnb – Townhouse with Panoramic Views


🏢 The Four Seasons Seattle

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🏢 The Edgewater Hotel

You can also get married at the Edgewater Hotel. Learn more about it here to see if it’s the right fit for you.

🏢 Fairmont Olympic Hotel

🏢 Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle

🏢 Silver Cloud Inn

Photo by The Four Seasons Seattle

The Foundry Wedding Photographer

*cue me waving at you*👋🏼 

Hi gorgeous! If you’re looking for a Seattle wedding photographer who has photographed weddings at The Foundry before & knows how to absolutely rock a Foundry wedding, I’m your gal. Learn more about the services I offer here. If you feel like we’d be a magical match. Say hello here & we can start planning your big day at The Foundry by Herban Feast. Let’s make it happen!

More Seattle Wedding Venues

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