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Block 41 wedding


If you’re on the never-ending hunt for the *perfect* Seattle wedding venue, searching high & low for a location that combines your desires for urban yet chic, cozy yet spacious – you’ve found your place, my darling. Block 41, a Seattle event space, is where all your wedding-day dreams can come to life in their truest forms! Keep on reading to find out if this is the space where you & your boo thing will commit to the rest of your lives together (in which case, cheers to that!)🥂

block 41 seattle

Block 41: A Magical Seattle Event Space

The Vibes

You know me – I’m a multi-passionate, multi-layered human + business owner who loves a million different things. As a bride, I didn’t want to sacrifice anything, and I was ready to search to the ends of the earth to find the perfect vendors, the perfect venue, the perfect everything to bring together the vision I had. 

And the beauty of Block 41 is that it does just that: it combines multiple aesthetics + vibes allll into one. You won’t need to sacrifice your love for industrial spaces in order to find a space that’s also modern & beautiful – Block 41 has it all for you!

block 41 seattle

The vibes of this venue are described as “Contemporary Cool” & “Industrial Chic” on its website – can you think of a more appealing combo for a wedding venue?

Not only does Block 41 feature an elegant & airy ballroom for those of you ready to make your most luxurious dreams come true! It also features an eclectic lower level for when you’re ready to strip off those stilettos and change into your best dance clothes to dance the night away under a giant disco ball💃🏼

block 41 seattle

And did I mention the COURTYARD space this venue has to offer as well? A little secret space tucked cozily into Belltown with an illuminated stainless steel fence, a fabulous mural by a local artist, and a wood deck. When I said this venue has everything, I meant EVERYTHING.

Plus, both main levels of the venue offer stunning architecture, modern amenities (hello fully equipped kitchens & ADA accessible restrooms!) and opportunities galore!

block 41 seattle

💍 Say your vows in the middle of the naturally lit upper-level, standing on the oak floors & between the leather-wrapped columns

🍷 Rearrange the room to set up a cocktail hour wine-tasting for you & your guests

💋 Head to the elegant black staircase for some glorious, moody-ass industrial couples portraits

🕺🏻 Drop to the lower level for the wildest dance party you’ve ever seen, enjoying the concrete walls & wide-open floors

🌟 Exit through the outdoor courtyard for a fiery sparkler sendoff

Check out this Urban Fall Wedding at Block 41 to see just how much space there is for all your dreams to come to life!

block 41 seattle

The Inside Scoop

In case you’re not already convinced that this is the dream venue for you, let’s go through the unique features of this venue & everything beautiful it has to offer!

Fave Block 41 Features

As I mentioned already, this venue has 2 stunning levels to fit the different vibes of your wedding day. The Bert & Tot Ballroom upstairs and the lower Ewing Theater as well as a fabulous outdoor courtyard. If you’re unable to visit before the big day (thanks to the lovely pandemonium), take a virtual tour here!

block 41 seattle

Here are some of Block 41’s features that you’ll want to write home about:

  • 15,000 square feet of space
  • Space for over 600 people total
  • State-of-the-art audio + visual systems
  • Customizable lighting
  • Luxurious bridal suite
  • Cocktail tables, banquet rounds, & folding chairs
  • 2 beautiful round arbors
  • Preferred vendor list
  • Plenty of nearby recommendations for food & drinks
  • ADA-accessible restrooms, an elevator, & a ramp
  • Space for a food truck in the courtyard – so you can bring along all your fave snacks
block 41 seattle

Block 41 Wedding Cost: Package Info

Block 41 offers custom packages based on all your needs & desires! They ask that you call them for a custom quote; this way, they can best get a feel for what you’re looking for and how their space can serve you.

10 hours are included in any rental but you can add extra if you feel like you won’t be quite ready to leave yet. 😉

For a full list of amenities that may be included in your rental depending on the package you opt for, check out Block 41’s FAQ page – I won’t bore you with a long list here!

seattle event space

Why Block 41? 

If you’re STILL not convinced (I get it – decision paralysis is a real thing!) let’s make a good ol’ list of pros & cons. When all else fails, make a simple list 😉

The Pros

1. Centrally located

Block 41 is located in the heart of Belltown, down the street from Pike Place Market and the ever-so-famous original Starbucks location! For those of you who know you’ll need a delish cup to start off the wedding day! This means that it’s surrounded by countless restaurants, bars, & popular tourist spots!

The Block 41 website even has a page for your wedding guests to look at, filled with their best recommendations for nearby drinks, food, coffee, and hotels. You’ll have no shortage of opportunities for fun & yummy cuisine on the days surrounding your wedding, and neither will your loved ones!

seattle event space

2. All-inclusive options

One fabulous thing about Block 41: they offer packages that include everything. If you take a look at that FAQ page I mentioned, you’ll see what I mean: they offer everything your wedding day may need, from tables to chairs to lighting to coat racks & more. This means you can cut down on the amount of rentals you need to take care of & focus on more important parts of the day – they’ve got this one covered for you!🙌🏼

3. After-party opportunities galore

Being centrally located means there are tons of options for an after-party. If you and your guests want to continue the night for a while you can! From nightclubs to evening lounges to dive bars, the surrounding areas guarantee you’ll find a location to fit the vibe of the night!🍸 And if you end up with some late-night cravings, you’ve got plenty of spots to hit up, ranging from pizza to sushi to diners filled with comfort food.

seattle event space

4. Fun portrait options

Who says you have to stay at your venue just because you rented a venue?

Not only do you have the glorious spaces of Block 41 to use for wedding portraits of the two of you – we can also head outside of the venue for some extra fun!

The Olympic Sculpture Park is close by for some fun outdoor portraits, and we can drop by the Bell Harbor Conference Center for some stunning views of the city & the sound. Let’s explore the eclectic areas of Belltown and stop at every little cute corner we find, and head back to Block 41 to get creative with every unique room in the venue! The options are truly endless.

5. Block 41 vendor list

Last but not least, Block 41 offers a super helpful list of vendors to help you find your perfect matches! I’ve got you covered on that front as well – I always offer vendor recommendations to my beautiful couples. But more could never hurt! Take a look at their suggestions here.

seattle event space

The Not-So-Pros

If I give you the pros, I have to give you the “cons” too – or let’s call them the not-so-pros, because cons feels harsh to me. I’ve really only got one “con” that you need to be aware of – and that’s the parking.

Because of its downtown location, Block 41 unfortunately has limited parking options that aren’t too easy to access.

According to its website, there are 3 pay-to-park lots within a minute walk of the venue and 2 to 4 hour street parking spots available for guests as well. However, if you will be at the venue all day you are going to need to re-pay every few hours-a bit of a pain in the ass. Maybe designate a friend or family member to do this for you!

seattle event space

Block 41 Wedding Photo Inspiration

WHEW. Are you convinced yet? I know I cannot get over this venue & all the unique beauty it has to offer, right in the heart of Seattle.

Take a look at some real-life Block 41 wedding inspiration below! See for yourself just how magical it can be when visions come to life in this gorgeous space.

Asian Bride Fall Wedding Inspiration | Block 41 | Asian Seattle Wedding

Block 41 Wedding | Downtown Seattle, Washington

Urban Fall Wedding Inspiration | Block 41 | Downtown Seattle City Elopement

seattle event space

Ready to hire your photographer for your Block 41 Seattle wedding? Cause I’m sure as hell ready to photograph your day in this incredible space 😉 Get in touch here!

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