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Today I’m featuring yet another incredible Oahu wedding venue that I absolutely adore: Loulu Palm Estate! This farm property is one of the top Oahu wedding venues to choose from, with beautiful mountain views, ocean air, and wedding day options galore. Consider this your complete guide to planning a Loulu Palm wedding from start to finish!

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About Loulu Palm Estate

Where is Loulu Palm Estate?

Loulu Palm Estate sits right on the North Shore of Oahu near Pupukea, HI! That means it’s already to die for, as Oahu’s North Shore is the dream destination for snorkeling, surfing, & even tropical garden tours (or tours of the Dole pineapple plantation!). You truly cannot beat this venue that sits on the Loulu Palm Farm property gleaming with expansive lush grass, a secluded beachfront, and views of Oahu’s bright blue waters & deep green mountains. A literal dream come true for a tropical wedding if I do say so myself!

How to Get to Loulu Palm Estate

The employees at Loulu Palm are so lovely & thoughtful that their website provides map directions for wedding guests & vendors! Loulu Palm is about a 1-hour drive from Honolulu, Kaneohe, & Kapolei, and around 20 minutes from the main part of Haleiwa along the North Shore.

Google Maps directions:

Get to Know the Venue

I absolutely love learning about the history behind the stunning wedding venues of Oahu. Especially ones that started out as farms or have a fascinating history behind them!

Loulu Palm Farm originated back in 2007 (which I always think was like 5 years ago. . . ummm, more like 15, Chelsea🥴. It has grown into a hugely popular destination for couples getting married & tourists alike. The farm is classified as an agribusiness that propagates the endangered Loulu Palm tree, and cultivates many species native to Hawaii as well as many delicious varieties of fruits and veggies!

I wholly adore what they say on their website:

“Loulu Palm is for the dreamer in search of a soft spot for dreaming. For the free-spirit who needs space to spread their wings. We know you, dreamers, wishers, and wild things. 

You’re the host who wants to give your guests both a fabulous experience and a parting gift: a shift in consciousness. Your hope is that they’ll leave with new hope in their hearts, feeling loved, enlightened, and replenished.”

Talk about feeling that in my GUT! It’s incredibly easy to tell that the owners of this venue truly care about every single damn guest that comes through to visit. They want nothing but the most magical experience for their couples that get married here. You’ll be taken care of from the beginning of your venue-booking journey to the end of your wedding day when you head off into the sunset together!

Why Get Married at Loulu Palm Estate?

There are countless reasons why Loulu Palm is an impeccable wedding venue option. The North Shore in general, as well, has year-round sunshine, crystal blue waters, stunning sandy beaches, you name it & the North Shore has got it. 

Let’s talk about why you’d choose Loulu Palm Estate over other venues on the island. We all know that Oahu has no shortage of to-die-for venues, including the luscious Kualoa Ranch & the luxurious Four Seasons Ko Olina!

It’s all-inclusive, baby

That’s right – Loulu Palm offers all-inclusive wedding packages, which is what you deserve, my darlings! I will shout about the benefits of all-inclusive wedding packages all the way to the damn ends of the earth. Skip to the packages section below to read about everything that you’ll receive in your rental!🙌🏼

loulu palm wedding

Proximity to nearby hotels + historic North Shore

I’m a big fan of venues that are close to everything else you’ll need during your trip. Including restaurants, hotels, beaches, activities, etc. And that’s one of the reasons I love Loulu Palm! 

Not only is it close to two gorgeous beach areas, Kawela Bay & Pahipahialua Beach. You also have easy access to places to stay, delicious local food trucks, and plenty of places to explore during your time at the historic North Shore. Walk around the local beach town of Kahuku, visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, or grab some delish shaved ice at Matsumoto’s to cool off on a hot day!

This is also a dream location for couples who love to get out on the water & surf the day away. The North Shore hosts some of the world’s premier surfing competitions and offers massive waves depending on the season. Check out some of the best historic sites & attractions along the North Shore here!

loulu palm wedding

You don’t have to choose between the mountains & the beach

At Loulu Palm there’s no having to choose between the beautiful landscapes Oahu has to offer. You’ll get the best of both worlds with luscious green mountain views and stunning, private sandy beaches!

Alternative ceremony site option: Kawela Bay

If you’d like to host part of your day (such as your reception & evening festivities) at Loulu Palm but hold your actual ceremony off-site at a separate beach, you’ve got Kawela Bay as an alternative ceremony site option!

loulu palm wedding

Getting ready spaces for both partners

Loulu Palm offers getting ready spaces for both partners, which is a huge win in my book! This way, you don’t have to get ready at your Airbnb or hotel & can instead get ready on-site if you’d like to. No having to hop in the car with your fresh makeup & dress to head to the venue – simply walk outside of the getting ready space and you’ll be there!

One thing to note is that the groom’s getting ready space is a little small & cramped, so I’d consider the option to get ready at a nearby hotel or Airbnb, depending on how much space you’d like to have and how many people will be in the room with you.

loulu palm wedding

Breathtaking North Shore sunsets

Being on the North Shore, you’ll get incredible sunsets over the ocean at Loulu Palm. Need I say more?

Big lawn for evening lawn games

Lawn games are one of the most fun ways to relax in the evening with your family & friends, especially when you get to overlook the turquoise blue water of the ocean & breathe in the fresh tropical air. Luckily, Loulu Palm has a big lawn that’s perfect for you & your guests to relax and have fun at the end of the night, with refreshing drinks and delicious food in hand!

loulu palm wedding

Option for a late night campfire to sit around

What’s better than sitting around a campfire with your loved ones on your wedding day, late at night, under the stars, listening to the waves crash against the private beach next to you? Answer: absolutely nothing at all. 

Both covered & uncovered reception/cocktail hour site options

Hawaii can be a tad unpredictable as far as weather goes – you know, being a tropical island and all. It’s important for your wedding venue to have covered options in case of rain or sudden tropical storms! Loulu Palm has both covered & uncovered options for your ceremony, reception, & cocktail hour so you won’t be forced to ruin that hair & makeup you paid a lotta dollars for.

loulu palm wedding

It’s eco-responsible & values inclusivity

Finally, according to their listings on The Knot and WeddingWire, Loulu Palm is an eco-responsible venue that truly values diversity & inclusivity, which is a must in my books! Finding a venue that celebrates, welcomes, and affirms all of your guests (and you!) will make sure you have the most magical, authentic wedding experience possible.

loulu palm wedding

Loulu Palm Estate Wedding Package

Let’s talk money, honey!🤑 

One of the main reasons I recommend Loulu Palm to my couples is because it offers all-inclusive wedding packages – meaning your wedding package & rental with Loulu Palm will come with everything you could possibly need. You won’t have to worry about purchasing a base package and adding on every little service or piece of equipment that you think you may need: they’ve got it alllll covered for you!

The rate you’ll pay for the venue depends on a few things: what day of the week your wedding is, how many guests you have, & any extra services/sites you’d like to add on.

loulu palm wedding

Below is a glimpse at what it’ll cost to have your wedding at Loulu Palm Farms (at the current time of writing this – May 2022)! Note that these rates do not include tax, or the specific equipment rates that you’ll customize within your package – they’re simply the costs to rent the venue.

  • Monday-Friday, 12-hour rental
    • 1-75 people: $3,750
    • 76-150 people: $5,050
    • 151-225 people: $6,550
  • Weekends & holidays, 12-hour rental
    • 1-75 people: $4,750
    • 76-150 people: $6,050
    • 151-225 people: $7,750
  • Additional lanai use
    • 1-75 people: $950
    • 76-150 people: $1,500
    • 151-200 people: $2,000
loulu palm wedding

Mkayyy Chelsea, so what IS included in those rates??

Here’s what’s included in the above rates, copied & pasted straight from the Loulu Palm website so you know exactly what to expect!

  • Use of the designated property starting at 11am ending 11pm. (12 hours total).
  • Use of the house welcome suites for exclusive predetermined use – guests and vendors limited to outside space.
  • Loulu Palm tree dedication (one seedling or two seeds).
  • 8 Tiki filled torches on paths from parking to the retreat area leading to the guest restrooms/ smoking area.
  • 2 Industrial Quality Clothes Steamer and clothes tripod for last minute touch ups. (distilled water only)
  • Parking spaces for up to 50 self parked vehicles – more than 50 total parked vehicles require you to contract valet services. 85-maximum parked vehicles (depends on vehicle sizes SUV/Trucks/Cars) require hiring shuttle services and valet services combined. No overflow parking.
  • 1 Loulu Palm Farms staff member present on the day of the event, to maintain property infrastructure only. Not event coordination
  • 2 Exterior Women’s and 2 Men’s Exterior Restroom (Restrooms accommodates up to 200 guests (additional air conditioned airstreams rentals available if over 200 guests)
  • Access to Exterior Covered Catering Area w/sink and two prep tables – (catering equipment not included)
  • Decorative landscape uplights (white-non moveable) Perimeter outdoor peripheral lighting and electrical hookups for your event. (no extension cords)
  • Choice of Altar or Ceremony Arch with white resin folding chairs to match guest count included
  • Vintage Rustic Lawn Bar Front (structure only – no bartender services provided – no light or cover provided to be used on lawn or Lanai)
  • 20 Personal Loaner Rain Umbrellas for on-site use
  • Free use of the property for a retreat rehearsal (up to one hour) the week before your event, depending on availability of the property (event insurance policy must cover this date as well)
  • Dumpster for trash (up to 75 guests only). 100 guests and over may have additional refuse fees or trash conditions

Whewwww – see what I mean about the value of all-inclusive packages?!

loulu palm wedding

Here are some additional costs you may want to consider that are not included in the above rates:

  • Cleaning fee for 12-hour rentals: $300 for 50-100 people, $500 for 1250-225 people
  • Additional time in the morning: $300/hour
  • Overtime hours in the evening: $500/hour
  • Setup/breakdown fee for Loulu Palms rented equipment: $250-$750
  • Additional rentals – you can rent additional equipment (such as wicker lounge sectionals, hammocks, lawn games, tiki benches, cake stands, & more) a la carte, or rent it ALL for an additional $1950 (see the full list of rental upgrades on this page)
loulu palm wedding

Where to Stay Nearby for Your Loulu Palm Wedding

Having your wedding on the North Shore means you’ll also have access to plenty of beautiful accommodation options, whether you’d like to find a private Airbnb or a luxury resort to relax at! Below are a few lovely Airbnb & hotel options in close proximity to Loulu Palm Estate for some pre & post-wedding R&R✨

loulu palm wedding

Airbnb’s on the North Shore

🏠 Stylish Beach Bungalow

🏠 North Shore Cottage

🏠 North Shore Garden Studio

🏠 Newly Renovated Haleiwa Home

🏠 Oceanfront Bungalow

loulu palm wedding
Photo by Airbnb – North Shore Garden Studio

Hotels & Resorts on the North Shore

🏖 Turtle Bay Resort

🏖 Ke Iki Beach Bungalows

🏖 Ocean Villas at Turtle Bay

loulu palm wedding
Photo by Ke lki Beach Bungalows

Loulu Palms Wedding Photographer

Hello lovely, that’s me!💃🏼 If you’re looking for an Oahu wedding photographer who knows Loulu Palm like the back of her damn hand & is ready to guide you through planning your perfect day here, I’m your gal. Learn more about the services I offer here, and if you feel like we’d be a magical match, contact me & we can start chatting all things tropical weddings – let’s dream up your day and make it happen, my darling!

I’ve even got an entire guide to getting married on Oahu in general that includes alllll things Oahu, from the best restaurants to where to stay on the island & more.

loulu palm wedding

More of the Best Oahu Wedding Venues

If you’re still unsure about what venue you’d like to go with, I get it. Oahu has so many incredible venues that it’s hard to choose the one that’ll fit you best! 

Luckily, I’m an expert at all things Oahu wedding venues & have multiple other guides dedicated to a few of my other favorite destinations. Pop on over to each of the below to learn about all of your options!

loulu palm wedding

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