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One thing I love the most about weddings, and especially about the weddings that I’ve had to change and adjust this last year during Covid, is how many couples have been able to incorporate so many special things that they might not have otherwise incorporated in a more traditional wedding day.

Amy + Noelia for example. Married in the front yard of their home that they lovingly renovated over the last year. (also shout out to anyone who took on the daunting task of renovations during the pandemi-lovato) I swear to god it was like walking into a living Pinterest board. Having just renovated my bathroom and done some other house projects since we bought our home in 2019, we bonded over plumbing finishes and tile combos. #vibe

On our initial wedding consult, I remember getting to talk to Amy and a lot of it seemed both exciting and exhausting for them. Renovating their home in Seattle, trying to plan a wedding during all the uncertainty of Covid, and overall just living on a prayer and hoping for the best without really being able to plan for anything concrete. All they knew was that they wanted to celebrate at their home, and the place that they love, with the people they loved.

Sign. My. Happy. Ass. UPPPP.

Amy wore a stunning two piece wedding said that she sorcerer self, and Noelia looked absolutely stunning and dapper as hell in her white suit and gray blazer (not to mention the blush pink Cole Haan zerograand oxfords that I may or may not have immediately added to my Amazon cart before I even left their wedding day)

We frolicked down the street of their neighborhood, danced in their driveway, and had their first look in front of their fireplace in their living room. They had their sweet ceremony on their front porch, and it was officiated by one of their dear friends. We loosely circled up for a round of toasts from their family and friends, had a gorgeous babies breath flower shower first kiss, and sent everybody off to have tacos and quesadillas from the delicious Mexican Food truck they hired for the reception.

If you’re planning a Seattle elopement, or a Washington wedding, or destination wedding in any place that tickles your fancy, just remember that you can do your day however you want. Catered dinner or food truck, grand venue or quiet backyard, $10,000 gown or $100 thrift, or anything in between. It’s the people that count, and the moments that matter.

Cheers to A+N for making the absolute most out of a wild year, and still creating the most beautiful, personal day to celebrate their marriage.

Shout out and thank you to all the vendors who came together for this fabulous day:

Hair | Shannon Wylie | instagram

Florist | Tangled Roots Floral | instagram

Food Truck Dinner | Los Chilangos | instagram

Cake / Cupcakes | Cecelia Licciardi | instagram

Pies / Cookies | Snohomish Pie Company | instagram

Cake Topper / Treat Bags / Hair Piece | Etsy | instagram

Wedding Skirt | Watters Designs | instagram

Wedding Top – Lady Bird Top | Amy Kuschel | instagram

Sandals – Bright Eyed Sandals | Seychelles | instagram

Amy’s Earrings | Mignonette Earrings | instagram

Engagement & Wedding Ring | Sholdt | instagram

Blazer – J Crew Regent Blazer | J Crew | instagram

Blouse – Lisa Marie White Embroidered top | Lulus | instagram

Pants – Old Navy Pixie Pants | Old Navy | instagram

Shoes – Original Grand Stitchlite Wingtip | Cole Haan | instagram

Watch – Orion | MVMT | instagram

Engagement Ring | Ben Ridge Jeweler | instagram

Noelia’s Earrings | Kate Spade | instagram

Backyard Elopement Inside and outside look
Backyard Elopement details

Is it me or are those watches from MVMT just too sexy???

Backyard Elopement details

Rings from Sholdt, Earrings from Mignonette, footwear from Cole Haan and Seychelles it just works!

Backyard Elopement pastries

Cecelia Licciardi and Snohomish Pie Company make cheat days worth while

Backyard Elopement bride preparing

Just when you think the bride can’t get any cuter, Watters Designs and Amy Kuschel made her even more adorable! Great combination A!

Backyard Elopement bride preparing
Backyard Elopement black and white artsy photos
Backyard Elopement bride putting on earrings
Backyard Elopement groom preparing and putting on shoes
Backyard Elopement bride walking towards groom
Backyard Elopement groom anticipating the bride
Backyard Elopement bride and groom first look
Backyard Elopement bride and groom kiss
Backyard Elopement bride and groom dancing
Backyard Elopement romantic kiss and ring shots
Backyard Elopement bride and groom in their living room
black and white shot of the bride and groom Seattle Backyard Elopement
Bride and groom outside their home Seattle Backyard Elopement
Groom giving bride a back hug Seattle Backyard Elopement
Beautiful shot of the couple's house Seattle Backyard Elopement
Bride and groom in front of garage Seattle Backyard Elopement
Bride and groom in front of garage Seattle Backyard Elopement
Bride and groom in front of garage Seattle Backyard Elopement
Bride and Groom butt grab Seattle Backyard Elopement
Bride and Groom dip kiss Seattle Backyard Elopement
Bride and Groom walking down the street Seattle Backyard Elopement
Family photos in a Seattle Backyard Elopement
Family photos in a Seattle Backyard Elopement
Family photos in a Seattle Backyard Elopement
Bride and guests drinking shots Seattle Backyard Elopement
Pies, cupcakes, and wedding cake Seattle Backyard Elopement
Seattle Backyard Elopement guestbook and polaroids
Polaroid shots Seattle Backyard Elopement
Bride and Groom Seattle Backyard Elopement
Food truck Seattle Backyard Elopement

Los Chilangos food truck, really wish I had one lol!

Bride and Groom hands raised Seattle Backyard Elopement

Are you interested in booking or planning a Seattle wedding? Check out how to get started and some of the simple steps you can do today to make your wedding day that much more special!

Check out my Pinterest for some Seattle elopement and wedding inspiration. But, if you’re ready to see what I can do for you, head to my Instagram or my contact page for more information. Let’s rock your wedding day and make it a day you won’t forget!

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