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It’s been a while, my darlings – but I am BACK at it with another one of my all-time favorite Hawai’i wedding venues: the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel & Resort on the beautiful, oh-so-dreamy Big Island! You already know I adore everything about this island (hence why I visit so damn often), and want to share allll the Hawai’i goodness with all of my fabulous couples whenever I can. I’ve got a fire collection of other Hawai’i wedding resources over on the blog (how 2010 did that sound??), but this one is specifically going to be highlighting Mauna Kea Resort weddings & every teeny tiny piece of info you should know before getting married there! Let’s do this babyyyy💃

About Mauna Kea Beach Hotel & Resort

We’ll start off with a little bit of lore about this dreamy beach hotel, because you know I love diving into the fascinating history of venues like this on the islands! Located on the Leeward (western) side of the Big Island, Mauna Kea Resort has easily become one of the most sought-after stops in Hawai’i for tourists. It was actually the very first resort on the Big Island, originally designed allll the way back in 1960 & opened in 1965. When the gorgeous hotel opened its doors, it was THE most expensive hotel ever built at the time – whew, no pressure there!! And since then, it’s grown into an absolutely stunning, full-service resort destination on the Kohala Coast that you fall in love with the damn moment you step foot on the grounds.

Now a full-on luxury resort nestled on the vibrant blue waters of the ocean, Mauna Kea creates an incredible experience for every guest, bringing together the lively spirit of the island, the gorgeous views of the Kohala Coast, and Hawai’ian traditions that honor the history of the island. It’s the dream place for some good R&R before and after you tie the knot, and for your guests to have a spectacular island experience!

Enough lore for now (you can learn more here if you’re into learning all the history of your potential wedding venue!) – let’s move onto the MANY reasons you should absolutely consider getting married here.

Why Get Married at Mauna Kea Resort?

If you’re vibing with the photos so far & feel like this could be an A+, 5 star, 10/10 venue for your wedding, you’re right. 😉 If you still need a little more convincing, below are some of the biggest benefits to getting married at Mauna Kea Resort + reasons that so many couples choose it for their big day!

Breathtaking views of the Kohala Coast

You’ve already been scrolling through photos of this resort, so you’ve already seen the spectacular views it has to offer. Truly, NOTHING can beat saying your vows in front of the waves, with the beautiful Kohala Coast in the background – especially if you get married at sunset☀️

9 site options for your ceremony & reception

I’ve already gone through the different options you have for your big day – but I cannot overstate the beauty of each of these 9 locations! Having such a variety of options means that you can truly customize your day to be one-of-a-kind, and to bring your vision to life perfectly no matter how many guests you have, or what your budget is.

Luxurious rooms for you & all your guests to stay in

Big fan of staying with friends & fam over here! If you’ve got guests traveling in for your wedding, why not spend as much quality time with them as possible by staying in the same resort? You can all enjoy a luxe getaway on this beautiful island together, and nobody will have to worry about driving home/to a different hotel at the end of the night. Party away!💃

Access to an abundance of island activities & adventures

Located on the northern Kohala Coast, Mauna Kea Resort is close to PLENTY of spots on the island that you won’t want to miss, and gives you access to a wide range of island activities & adventures. Want to go stargazing under the tropical skies? Hike through black lava landscapes? Chase some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island? The world (island) is your oyster, my loves!

A variety of on-site amenities for you to enjoy

If you’d rather keep it a little more lowkey & spend more time on-site with your guests, the resort has a ton to offer. Enjoy an afternoon on one of the 18-hole championship golf courses, rent a canoe or kayak from the Beach Club, or play a game of tennis with the fam at the award-winning oceanfront Tennis Club!

And if you want an EVEN more chill vacay, you won’t want to miss the Mauna Kea Resort Spa & Salon. The slogan on their website says, “Transcend. Transform. Trust the Moment.” Sounds pretty lovely to me! Pick from their many luxurious spa treatments, from massages to body treatments, to aromatherapy, to skincare services. This full-service spa is sure to give you allll the delicious R&R you’ve been craving (and that you deserve!).

Mauna Kea Resort Wedding Basics

Before we dive deep (ocean pun fully intended) into all the fabulous wedding packages that Mauna Kea Resort has to offer you, let’s answer a few important Q’s you might be wondering right off the bat.

Can you get married at Mauna Kea Resort?

Oh yes you can – and you should! The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel is a phenomenal choice for your Big Island wedding, whether you’re planning an intimate, lowkey tropical celebration with a few loved ones or a giant island party with all your BFFs. The venue makes it easy for you to customize the spaces to fit your unique day & they’ve got a variety of package options for every type of wedding!

How many guests can you have for weddings at Mauna Kea Resort?

It depends on what space(s) you’re using for your wedding! Mauna Kea has 9 different site options for wedding ceremonies & receptions, ranging from expansive lawns to golf course tees overlooking the ocean, to breathtaking indoor spaces. The resort’s website doesn’t have any maximum guest counts listed at the moment, but according to WeddingWire, the venue can accommodate up to 350 guests – again, this varies based on which space(s) you choose. I’d recommend reaching out to the venue about this to double check how many guests they can accommodate for the type of celebration you’re planning! 

How much does it cost to get married at Mauna Kea Resort?

Mauna Kea Resort offers a range of wedding packages to fit every couple & every type of celebration, starting at $8,500 plus applicable taxes as well as a food & beverage minimum. I’ll go through each package a bit more in detail later on in this guide for you, don’t worry!😘

Where can you get married at Mauna Kea Resort?

Mauna Kea Resort has a wide selection of ceremony & reception sites to choose from, both indoor and outdoor. Below is a list of the spaces the venue has to offer, each with a few notes to help you get a feel for which one(s) might be best for your big day!

New Third Tee (outdoor)

  • Most popular ceremony site
  • Located high on an ancient lava bluff, overlooking the ocean
  • Available for sunset or evening ceremonies

Original Third Tee (outdoor)

  • Another popular ceremony site
  • Nestled under coconut palms, overlooking the ocean
  • Beautiful at sunset!

North Pointe Lawn (outdoor)

  • Located on the north end of the grounds
  • Expansive views of the beach & Kauna’oa Bay
  • Lava stone patio for you to stand on during your ceremony
  • Adjacent lawn for your reception

South Pointe Lawn (outdoor)

  • Located on the southern end of the resort
  • Gorgeous manicured lawn in a grove of coconut palms
  • Great for larger weddings & receptions

Manta Ray Lookout – North Pointe Lawn (outdoor)

  • Located on the North Pointe Lawn right on the water
  • Evening viewings of manta rays in the ocean below!

Kauna’oa Ballroom (indoor)

  • The resort’s newest venue
  • Beautiful panoramic views of Kauna’oa Bay
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows for plenty of natural light
  • Airy & spacious vibes

Garden Room (indoor)

  • Views of the resort & Kohala Coast
  • Three tiers of seating/terraced dining levels
  • Separate buffet room
  • Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panels on all walls

Luau Grounds (outdoor)

  • Very authentic to the island
  • Set beneath mature trees & tropical flowers right on the ocean
  • Stage, bar, & buffet 
  • Beautiful string lights between the trees
  • Not available for Tuesday & Friday weddings

Vista Decks (outdoor)

  • Located on the promenade level of the hotel
  • Overlooking Kauna’oa Bay
  • Perfect for intimate receptions, private dinners

Do you need a Hawai’i marriage license to get married at Mauna Kea Resort?

Yes, you’ll need to get a Hawai’i marriage license to get married here just as you would any venue on any of the islands! Luckily for you, applying for a Hawai’i marriage license isn’t too complicated – all you’ll need to do is fill out this application online, pay the $65 license fee, meet with a licensing agent, and get married within 30 days of receiving your license.

Because there are a few more important details you’ll need to keep in mind when applying for your license, I threw together a whole guide justttt for you – because you know I love having all my info in one easy place! Give it a read here for all the details you need to know to get a Hawai’i marriage license.

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel & Resort Wedding Packages

Mauna Kea Resort’s wedding packages are 🤌chef’s kiss 🤌 – they include everything you could ever need for your big day (and more!). This venue makes it hellaaa easy for you to plan the wedding of your dreams, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Here’s a quick glance at each of the base wedding packages that Mauna Kea Resort offers:

‘Ōuli Package | $13,500*

Amenities + services included:

  • On-site wedding manager
  • Oceanfront ceremony venue + backup indoor space
  • Chairs
  • Ceremony arch
  • Tiki torches
  • Three-tier wedding cake
  • Officiant
  • Professional acoustic musicians for 2 hours
  • Photography for 3 hours
  • Videography for 2 hours
  • Leis + bouquet

Food & beverage minimum (Monday-Thursday): $10,000

Food & beverage minimum (Friday-Sunday): $15,000

*plus applicable taxes + service charge on food & beverage

Kauna‘oa Package | $11,000

Amenities + services included:

  • On-site wedding manager
  • Oceanfront ceremony venue + backup indoor space
  • Chairs
  • Ceremony arch
  • Tiki torches
  • Two-tier wedding cake
  • Officiant
  • Professional acoustic guitarist for 1 hour
  • Photography for 2 hours
  • Videography for 2 hours
  • Leis + bouquet

Food & beverage minimum (Monday-Thursday): $10,000

Food & beverage minimum (Friday-Sunday): $15,000

*plus applicable taxes + service charge on food & beverage

​​Pua Melia Package | $8,500

Amenities + services included:

  • On-site wedding manager
  • Oceanfront ceremony venue + backup indoor space
  • Chairs
  • Ceremony arch
  • Tiki torches
  • Three-tier wedding cake
  • Officiant
  • Professional acoustic musicians for 2 hours
  • Photography for 1 hours
  • Lei or bouquet

Food & beverage minimum (Monday-Thursday): $10,000

Food & beverage minimum (Friday-Sunday): $15,000

*plus applicable taxes + service charge on food & beverage

Booking Info

To reserve your wedding at Mauna Kea Resort, it’s recommended that you reach out at least 9 months prior to your wedding date. You’ll put down a non-refundable deposit of $7,500 to guarantee your preferred space, which will then be applied to your wedding package – and once you sign the dotted line, you’re good to go!🥂

Mauna Kea Resort Wedding Photographer

Oh – you said you’re looking for a photographer to document your fire celebration at Mauna Kea Resort?

Enter: yours truly 😉 

If you know me at all, then you know I’m a big fan of doing whatever you damn well please, planning a day that sets your heart on fire, and helps you celebrate your relationship in the most authentic way possible. It is my ULTIMATE pleasure to witness, support, and document people like you on that journey – and I would be thrilled to be there alongside you for YOUR special day! 

Ready to talk numbers? Check out my easy peasy booking process + package info here. Once you’re ready to start the party, get in touch with me here so we can start planning your rad AF wedding day!

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