7 Sweet Spots for Seattle Engagement Photos



If you’re on the lookout for the perfect location for your Seattle engagement photos, you’ve come to the right spot!

As a Seattle engagement photographer, I spend a lot of time exploring this beautiful city and always love discovering new hidden gems that take you away from the crowds and into the magic this city has to offer. From big landmarks to quiet corders, finding unique Seattle photography locations has become one of my favorite hobbies.

A candid shot of a couple kissing on top of the Seattle Public Library with the city in the background
Captured at the Seattle Public Library

These places are also perfect for Seattle elopement photos, maternity photography, proposal photos, intimate wedding photography aka a dedicated session to honor your original wedding date if COVID-19 snatched your big wedding dreams this year. (sending you the biggest hugs and lots of hand sanitizer)

Here are some of my go-to Seattle engagement photo locations.

Seattle to Bainbridge Ferries and the West Seattle Water Taxi

If you’re a fan of the ocean, taking your Seattle engagement photos at Alki Beach, more specifically the West Seattle Water Taxi Dock is one of my favorite locations. We can also include the West Seattle Water Taxi itself and take a ride to or from Seattle, or even roundtrip to make it a full circle affair. There’s also the opportunity to get various shots at this location, from the rocky beaches, to the wood docks, to the industrial water taxis.

Ferries, water, views—this spot has it all, and it has an unmistakable Seattle vibe to it. I especially love the classic cityscape in the background. Important note: this ride is quick! The ride itself takes no more than 10 minutes from one dock to the next as it’s meant to be a commuter route.

Here are some helpful links for the West Seattle Water Taxi Schedule and West Seattle Water Taxi Ticket Fares. Ferries are currently suspended on the weekends due to COVID-19 and does not operate on most holidays – keep that in mind when you’re planning your next trip or photosession!

Want to elope and have more time to really take advantage of the ferry and all the beautiful water views? The Bainbridge Island Ferry is for you! It’s roughly 30-35 minutes one way which is more than enough time for us to hop on, get settled, and get you married! I recommend opting for the earlier routes for best light and least amount of curious onlookers.

A woman in a red dress holds hands while walking with a man in a suit for their Seattle engagement photos at the Alki Water Taxi Dock.
A smiling engaged couple pose at the Alki Water Taxi Docks for engagement pictures with Seattle engagement photographer Chelsea Abril
A beautiful woman in a red dress looks up at a man in a suit as they pose for engagement photos on a boat in Seattle.
A man in a suit wraps his arms around his fiance wearing a long red dress, posing for engagement photos by the waterfront in Seattle
Two women kiss on the Alki Water Taxi Dock with their dog as they have their Seattle engagement photos taken.
Two happy engaged women hold hands in front of the waterfront and cityscape for Seattle engagement photographer Chelsea Abril.

Downtown Seattle / Pike Market / Pioneer Square / Occidental Square

In my opinion, one of the most romantic places in Seattle is right in the heart of it! 

Downtown Seattle is full of photo opportunities. Pike’s Place market, artsy murals, the Seattle Great Wheel, seaside views, cool architecture—you name it, downtown’s got it! It’s the perfect place for couples who love the trendy, urban vibe that Seattle is known for.

A well-dressed couple smile at each other while sitting on the sidewalk in front of a mural in Seattle for engagement photos.
A woman in a black dress holds hands with her fiance in a black suit as they walk the streets of downtown Seattle.
An newly engaged couple walk hand-in-hand in downtown Seattle for their engagement photos.
A man and woman kiss in front of the Pike Place Market sign for their Seattle engagement photos with Chelsea Abril.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park has to be one of the most popular places to take pictures in Seattle. It’s a gorgeous area and is absolutely perfect for couples interested in a more rural, nature-inspired engagement photo session.

Tall grasses, lush greenery, beautiful beachfront decorated with driftwood—it’s the perfect backdrop for romantic pictures, and there’s so much variety from one spot to the next. 

I especially love the lighthouse along the waterfront. Adorable!

Pro tip #1: I highly recommend booking your session to take advantage of the incredible sunset light, typically within the last 90 minutes of the day. Click here for the current sunset times.

Pro tip #2: Parking down at the oceanfront and lighthouse can be tricky. There are limited spots and you’re technically supposed to have a permit. Consider bringing a friend who can play uber driver just in case!

A couple sits in long grass with their cute dog at Discovery Park in Seattle for their engagement photos.
A man holds his arms around his fiance as they have their engagement photos taken by Chelsea Abril photography in Discovery Park, Seattle.
A closeup image of the sun setting just behind a couple about to kiss for a Seattle engagement photo at Discovery Park.
A silhouetted engaged couple stand hand in hand in front of a beautiful sunset at Discovery Park in Seattle.
A double exposure image of a man and woman at the seaside of Discover Park by Seattle photographer Chelsea Abril.
A man wraps his arms around his fiance at the Seattle waterfront in Discovery Park during their engagement photo session.
A man and his fiance walk along the beach in front of a lighthouse in Seattle.

Seattle Spheres: Amazon Headquarters

Vibing for humidity and a lush, tropical vibe instead of the city? The Amazon Spheres in Downtown Seattle are the answer to your prayers! These three giant globes make up the Amazon Headquarters, which is definitely a one-of-a-kind space. You’ll need to make a reservation, but it’s worth it.

The architecture is breathtaking and the building is full to the brim with tropical plants. It’s a perfect representation of Seattle’s innovative side.

A couple poses for engagement photos at the Seattle Spheres Amazing headquarters.
A Seattle couple embrace in front of beautiful plants for engagement photos in the Amazon Headquarters.
An engaged couple hold hands while walking through the Seattle Spheres with engagement photographer Chelsea Abril.

Hikes, trees, mountain tops, oh my!

I recently explored Barlow Point in Granite Falls, Washington (photos below) about an hour northeast of Seattle. It’s a small city in Snohomish County surrounded by incredible hiking trails with gorgeous views.

Hiking is a great idea for elopements or engagement sessions for adventurous couples who love the outdoors. Make sure you find a photographer who likes adventures, too, so they can tag along and capture the magic!

Pro tip #1: Make sure you and your partner (and your photographer!) are up for the challenge! The beautiful views might not be worth it if you can’t physically enjoy the journey there. I recommend choosing a short, easy hike so that everyone arrives alive and in good spirits.

Pro tip #2: Hike in one outfit, photoshoot in another! Hiking is typically pretty sweaty business. I always recommend hiking up in comfortable, appropriate attire (think athletic wear, hiking boots, etc) and changing into your fancier clothes after cooling off at the final location.

Pro tip #3: Don’t forget the essentials! Water, snacks, deodorant, and first aid kits are always important. So is a little bit of extra makeup for touchups at the summit.

Two women holding flower bouquets hike together Granite Falls near Seattle, Washington.
An engaged couple kiss while hiking in Washington for their engagement photos.
Two brides stand atop a mountain in Granite Falls and read their vows while Seattle elopemenent photographer Chelsea Anril captures the moment.
Two brides stand together while eloping on a mountain in Granite Falls near Seattle.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park is an outdoor museum and beach run by the Seattle Art Museum. I love the big, rusted sculptures (photos below), the views of the Space Needle, and being a few minutes walk from Seattle’s famed waterfront and Myrtle Edwards Park. The streets of Belltown are quaint and accommodating with loads of cafes nearby for a quick snack or shot of espresso.

With views of the Puget Sound, Elliott Bay, the Space Needle, and the Olympic Mountains on a clear day, Olympic Sculpture Park is another classic example of Seattle’s mix of natural and urban landscapes. 

A couple sits in front of a statue at Olympic Sculpture Park for their Seattle engagement photos.
A man leans down and kisses his fiances during an engagement photo shoot at Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle.
A man and woman wearing denim jackets wrap their arms around each other as they walk through Seattle.
A woman in a pink dress holds hands with her fiance in a gray suit for engagement photos at the waterfront near Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle.
A man and woman kiss as Seattle engagement photographer Chelsea Abril takes their photo near the water at Olympic Sculpture Park.

Northlight Studio

If you really want to get fancy with things, why not head straight to a Seattle photo studio?

Northlight Studio is a fun daylight photo studio that’s available for hourly, half-day and full-day rentals. With plenty of windows, I love that this space gets natural light all day. Plus, they have props including plants and chairs that you can use for your shoot. How fun is that?

A beautiful woman in a wedding dress poses with a tall man in a pink suit jacket at Northlight Studio in Seattle.
Seattle photographer Chelsea Abril captures a beautiful woman in a wedding dress at Northlight Studio.
A groom and bride smile at the camera and hold hands for their wedding photos by Chelsea Abril Photography in Seattle.

Seattle engagement photos

Whether you’re in the market for a Seattle engagement photographer, Seattle elopement photographer or intimate Seattle wedding photographer – I’d love to be your girl! Head over to my contact page or follow me on Instagram so we can get to know each other better and start building the perfect experience for you and your partner.

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