Kahana Bay Shirtless Sunrise Surfboard Engagement Session | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

February 3, 2019

Jena’s Review:

“UMMM Hellllooooo! Do you see these photos? We’re professional stock photo models of course and do this all the time—-NOT!

I am the most photo awkward person and was really worried that all of our photos would just be ruined by my awkwardness, but man… Chelsea just makes you so comfortable. She’s also actually a stand up comedian in her spare time (also lies?) and really knows how to make you laugh, smile, and forget that she’s even there. 

Professionals are professional for a reason and if you’re even for a second thinking of using someone else just stop your search now. Girl is legit.  She communicates so well, and with so much passion for what she does. You just feel it ooze out of every part of her.  When you’re in front of her camera, you don’t want your time with her to end. Chelsea, thank you so much.

We love our photos and want to be your BFFs For. Ev. Er.”


if you’re wondering what she meant about me lying, I am almost never ever “done” when I say I’m done.
If you’ve ever shot with me before, you can definitely attest to this. haha.
If I see another shot, even if we’re past our shoot time, you can bet your bottom dollar
that I will pump the brakes and pull you guys back in for just one more. 😉

And as you can see, this session was FULL of photo op after photo op.
also, hilarious that they think they aren’t models because like…


and i know we’re all thinking it (and don’t act like you didn’t click on this because the title said shirtless)
but I’m like 10000% sure Adam belongs in one of those Men of Hawaii calendars.

Shooting this sunrise engagement session was totally worth the early AF wakeup call the morning after an all-day wedding.
The photos speak for themselves, but it really was such a beautiful Hawaiian morning.
The light drizzle had stopped about a quarter mile away and the weather was cool and crisp, the sunrise was soft and slow and serene,
and just enough breeze to keep the air fresh and clean.

We started in some up casual aloha wear – light blues, easing into the day.
And ended with Adam shirtless in a ti leaf lei and dark blue jeans,
Jena in a crimson red maxi dress and simple white orchid haku
waist deep in the ocean in Kahana Bay
having a water fight after nearly tipping over and falling off their standup paddle board. haha.

and I can tell you right now it was fire fire


anyway. i’ll stop talking now.
you guys are here for their photos, not my rambling. So enjoy!!

Oh, and if you like having feelings, check their preview slideshow here:



Makeup Artist: Lynn Yee Makeup  |  @lynnyeemakeup
Blue Dress: Lulus
Similar Red Dress: Amazon
Ti Leaf Lei / White Orchid Haku: Chinatown, Honolulu, Hawaii

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