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I’ve known Chris for years. He was actually one of my very first male models for a shoot when I used to live in LA.
We still laugh when we think about how long ago that was! Anyway, I’m so grateful I met him because if not, I would have never been able to celebrate such a special moment.

and such a giant surprise!

I flew in the day before from Seattle, landing in friendly Kahului airport
and getting picked up under the guise of being a friend of a friend.
See, he’d also organized this whole trip and had 8 or so other of their closest friends in attendance. and also had the entire week of vacationing planned out by the hour. haha.

God bless type A people. (Chris, you’re an angel!)

The plan: propose at sunrise at the summit of Haleakala, Maui’s highest peak.
which in layman’s terms means wake up at 2am, drive from Lahaina to the summit,
arrive at 5pm with an hour to spare,
nap for 50 minutes even, shuffle everyone out of the cars,
huddle to stay warm because none of us packed the appropriate gear for 40 degree weather and windchill,
set up the GoPro for a “time lapse”, and ask them to stand in front of me for a “really cool silhouette photo:

commence surprise proposal!!!!

I’d give you a play by play,
but the pictures do it way more justice than I ever could <3

ps -make sure you make it all the way through to see the surprise that his friends put together for them both!

Location: Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii
Custom Cookies: Oh Sugar Grove

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